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The real deal

No need to settle on taste
Our H*ney™ recreates the taste, texture and all the added bennefits, acting just like the real deal.
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Vegan Honey BadgeSweet golden tasty vegan honey
Vegan honey bee - bee free
Crafted with care, our Vegan H*ney™ is the world's first golden alternative, packed with sugary goodness and none of the buzz.
Why all the buzz?

Same golden texture

Our Vegan H*ney™ boasts the same luxurious golden texture you love, ensuring every drizzle and dollop feels just like the real thing.

Honey stick with honey dribbing
Why all the buzz?


& Tasty

Bursting with natural sweetness and delectable flavors, it's the perfect addition to your morning toast, afternoon tea, or midnight snack

Honey stick on toast
Why all the buzz?

Great for sweet & savoury dishes

Whether drizzled over pancakes, glazed on roasted veggies, or stirred into marinades, its sweet yet subtle profile enhances both sweet and savory dishes alike.

Toast, cheese and honey
Why all the buzz?

Nourishing properties

Rich in essential nutrients and free from toxins and pesticides, it's a wholesome choice for those seeking a naturally sweetened alternative. Nourish your body and soul with every spoonful of Vegan Honey™.

Honey in a hearth shaped cup
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The Bees
One Sweet Dribble  At a time

H*ney™ is made without bees because we absolutely adore them! Why settle for regular honey when you can savor a delicious alternative that helps restore our planet's biodiversity and saves our buzzing buddies?
A flower headFlower head Better Foodie vegan honey
Save the bees - Eat veganSave the bees - Eat vegan
Flavors: floral, bright and sweet
Main sugars: fructose and glucose
Plant -based and 100% vegan
Protects native pollinators
Encourages biodiversity
Our Vegan Story

Our Story

We believe in the power of food innovations that will change the food system for the better. That's why we developed Better Foodie, a brand committed to bringing disruptive plant based products to the market.
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